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Sheila Marie
"By simple definition it is a person born and raised in Chalmette. By our standards it is the center of a community that is strong. It is knowing or being related to at least half of St. Bernard Parish. It is knowing where the drive-in used to be, many years ago. It is knowing what is meant when someone ask if you are going up da road or down da road bra? It is being part of a simple life and loving where you came from, and never wanting to leave. Not even for a cat 5 hurricane. And knowing that you can't wait to come home again, because there is no place like home, and there ain' t no substitute for St. Bernard Parish and Chalmette. This also applies for Arabians, Merauxvillians, Violations, and Down da-Roaders." LionParent1 - http://www.nola.com/forums/stbtownhall/index.ssf?artid=347072

Politically I'm a staunch centrist, social liberal but financial conservative. I honestly think that anyone who is extreme left or right are just quackers and shouldn't be in office. If ever you've had to deal with opposing view points you know for a fact that the end result is in the middle. The extremists are forcing people like myself to either just stop giving a shit (voter apathy which both sides blame on the other) or we look for some one outside the two major parties. A revolution IS coming, it's neither a liberal nor a conservative revolution, it will be when common sense and COMPROMISE (you know, the thing the USA was BUILT on) come back into the political arena.

I will debate politics to a point. If I think that no good will come out of it then I won't debate. If I think that and honest and open exchange can take place then I will; this doesn't mean I think that anyone can be "converted" to the "other side" but it is good to learn the views of others so that we can understand each other and be more tolerant of our differences. If you want to counter my argument, please do not use op ed pieces, just the facts. I also have decided that if a debate starts in my journal it will stay in my journal; if you want to debate me, then do so in my journal.

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